Mission statement

At Relevant, we’re on a mission to support businesses that matter! We believe that social and environmental problems should never be treated as afterthoughts, but rather prioritized. Our goal is to empower those at the periphery, and help them create a better world for everyone.

Our Team

Once upon a time, a group of passionate individuals came together to create Relevant, a startup dedicated to supporting businesses making a positive impact in the world.

Maike Striffler
Edson Niwamanya
Jana Krajcovicova
Sharon Namujjuzi
Nikolaus Hutter
Gregor Riss
Stefan Kurandić
Melanie Ruff

Our Partner Ventures

We love to work with ventures that strive to make an impact; with founders and teams with whom we are fully value and purpose aligned. Our venture portfolio are all businesses that matter!

Happy Customers​

We are dedicated to supporting businesses that are making a positive impact on the world, and our customers love us for our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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Relevant Ventures GmbH

Circular Design Hub, Kampala, Uganda

1090 Vienna, Austria